Throughout my career in the Games Industry, I have been fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of Projects and Genres, from Horror (DP: Man Of Medan) to FPS (Crysis 3) and Hack & Slash Games.

I have also enjoyed working on a wide range of formats, including Virtual Reality (The Inpatient), AAA Launch Titles (Ryse, Son Of Rome) and Cutting Edge Independent PC Projects (Worlds Adrift, Lazarus), across 3 Games Engines (Unity, Unreal, CryEngine).

Having held a range of Creative, Leadership and Technical positions in over 10 years in Audio has taught me the importance of flexibility and adaptability in an always evolving and challenging industry.

As expected, I have a passion for Sound in general, and Sound Design more precisely.

I consider myself extremely dedicated to any project I become involved in, and I have been truly lucky to meet and work with people respected throughout the Video Games and Film industries.

I am currently working at SuperMassive Games, where I have enjoyed not only the Sound aspect of game development, but also the joy of working with a large team of talented individuals. I would say the aspect of my work I enjoy the most is that I find there is always something to learn, and there is always scope for innovation.

In addition to my work as Senior Sound Designer in the Video Games and Post-Production Industries, I have also created and delivered a number of Introduction To Audio Design for Games workshops at SAE Institute, which I have found greatly rewarding.


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